List of Official Cruise Destination Sites

This page is a listing of "official" web sites of common (and not-so-common) cruise destinations. By "official", I mean they appear to be managed by the actual government or agency that is being discussed. I will happily include any others that are sent to me via E-Mail

* Note: For some destinations, "official" sites were not found, and privately-maintained sites with appropriate content were substituted. All such entries are indicated with an asterisk.


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Anguilla Tourist Guide (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
AntilNet - Dutch Caribbean, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba
Belize Tourism Board
Belize Tourist Board
Belize Travelers Association
Aruba Tourism Authority
Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (Thanks to Nancy D'Agostino)
Barbados Tourism Authority
Bermuda Dept. of Tourism (Thanks to Steve Legault)
Virtual Bermuda (Thanks to Steve Legault)
Bonaire Tourism Corporation Home Page (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
The British Virgin Islands Welcome On-line Tourist Guide
The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board
Canada (Canadian Tourism Commission)
Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau
Carribean-On-Line (I don't know how official it is, but it has search capability that might help) (Thanks to D'Arcy Norman)
Cayman Islands Department of Tourism * (Privately maintained site) * (Privately maintained site) * (Privately maintained site)
Cozumel Travel Guide by * (Privately maintained site)
Curaçao Tourism & Development Bureau
Official Guide to Curaçao
Cyprus Tourism Organization
Egyptian Tourist Authority/Ministry of Tourism, Egypt
Visit Florida (official tourism marketing agency for the state of Florida)
The Florida Keys and Key West (Monroe County Tourist Development Council)
Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) (British Tourist Authority)
Grenada Board of Tourism
Israel Ministry of Tourism (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Jamaica Tourist Board (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Martinique Promotion Bureau (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Montserrat Tourist Board (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Tourism and Parks New Brunswick, Canada
Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation (Canada)
New Zealand Tourism Board (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Norwegian Tourist Board
Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture (Canada)
PADI Diving Society - Sport Diver Interactive * (Privately maintained site)
Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Roatan Tourist Guide * (Privately maintained site)
Saba Tourist Bureau (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Scottish Tourist Board
Port of Seattle (Thanks to Harvey Rothschild)
St. Barthélemy (French West Indies) (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
St. Kitts & Nevis Department of Tourism (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
St. Lucia Tourist Board (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
St. Maarten Tourist Office (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
St. Martin Office du Tourisme (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Texas Economic Development Tourism Division
Trinidad and Tobago Tourism and Industrial Development Company (Thanks to Cruisaholics Sea Voyages)
Turkey Ministry of Tourism
US Virgin Islands (Thanks to Nancy D'Agostino)
Port of Vancouver, British Columbia

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