The Official Cruise Web Site Pages FAQ

What Is An "Official" Site?

The sites listed on these pages appear to be managed by the actual cruise line, government or agency that is being discussed. They are carefully screened to avoid sites that are run by third parties.

What Is The Difference?

Often, you find a great site that seems to offer you all the details about a cruise or package you are interested in. Then, after clicking through several pages, you find out it is just one of many such offers being presented by a travel agency.

This may not be a bad thing. A travel agent can give you good advice, and help you find the right cruise for you. The cruise lines themselves have no problem with a travel agent using their names and logos in advertising material.

But it becomes a problem when you are trying to find independant information. You may already have a travel agent you are satisfied with, or want to "browse" around and see what is available before you visit a travel agent. In that case, this site is for you!

Why Are There No Travel Agencies Listed Here?

This site just isn't big enough to offer you a fair selection of the travel agencies with an on-line presence. Any good web search engine will help you find lots of agencies that cater to your particular requirements.

Beyond Cruise Lines

The users of this site are not shy about passing along their ideas on making it better. To the original cruise line listings, I've added sections on some common (and not-so-common) cruise destinations. Getting there, after all, is only half the fun of a cruise! Also included are a few sources of cruise-related information that don't really fit the above categories, but are of value to prospective cruisers, anyway.

Who Maintains These Pages?

In a very real sense, you do! I am just one person, unconnected to the cruise industry in any way (except as a customer). While researching my first cruise, I got a lot of help from other people, and wanted to return the favor. As long as people continue to visit here, and send me udates about sites they have found, this page will remain.

1996? Has this site really been around that long?

Yes, hard to believe. Since then, thousands of dot-coms have come, drawn venture capital, gone public, seen their stocks soar, then crash as they faded away a "dot-gone".

This unassuming little site has been through it all. It would still run on that old, original browser (anyone else remember Mosaic? Cello?). No "upgrade required" or "best viewed with" buttons here. Still free (of advertisements, persistant cookies, pup-ups, pop-unders, pop-offs or IPOs) after all these years!

Can I Advertise On These Pages?

Not directly. This isn't a commercial venture. However, I do "credit" the first person to send me a listing that I include here, and that credit can include a link to that person's web site.

I Found (Or Manange) A Great Site; Can You List It Here?

Send it along. But please remember the limited scope of this site. Typical reasons a link will not be added include:

  • Third-party pages that promote or endorse a specific travel agency.
  • Sites that don't have enough content on-line for the viewer. For example, an on-line magazine, with articles and features available for immediate viewing, might make the list, while the web page for an equally good magazine, which mearly gives you a a way to subscribe via regular mail, will not.

    Please E-Mail me if you have any suggestions or comments.

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