List of Cruise Line Job Web Sites

This page is a response to many requests for legitimate information about finding a job on a cruise ship.

There isn't much unbiased information available at this time.

Someone sent me a document written by the ITF, a union which represenets many seafarers. This should help you identify the issues which you might face as a crew member on a cruise ship.

The following sites provide another perspective:

Cynthia Ossenfort has written a book entitled Cruise Ship Jobs, Where They Are & How to Get Them. This book is available on, and Cynthia has agreed to sell vistors to this site copies of her book at a discount if you E-mail her at

Note: I am not an expert on cruise line jobs, and I connot verify the accuracy of, nor endorse, any of the links above. They are provided only to help you in your own research.

I am anxious to find other neutral sources. Please let me know if you come across anything that visitors to this site might find useful.

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