The following information was transcribed from Vital Records

Of Lebanon, Maine to the Year 1892 Volume 1 - Births






Abby, d. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Feb. 27, 1832, P.R.80.

Charles, s. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), July 15, 1828, P.R.80.

Elizabeth, d. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Apr. 7, 1836, P.R.80.

Ira L., s. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Dec. 16, 1824, P.R.80.

Isaac, h. Sarah (Jenness), June 14, 1804, P.R.80.

John F., s. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Oct. 5, 1826, P.R.80.

Jonathan, s. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Mar. 19, 1834, P.R.80.

Lovey M., d. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Jan. 2, 1845, P.R.80.[P.R.79 adds, w. Isaac Chamberlain.]

Martha, d. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Feb. 1, 1838, P.R.80.

Oliver, s. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Sept. 28, 1839, P.R.80.

_____,d. Isaac and Sarah (Jenness), Nov. 4, 1829, P.R.80.


d. -daughter; day; died.


s. -son.

P.R.79. -Bible record in possession of the late Isaac Chamberlain, West Lebanon.

P.R.80. -private record in possession of Henry W. Chamberlain, West Lebanon.