The following information was transcribed from Vital Records

Of Lebanon, Maine to the Year 1892 Volume 1 - Births




John D., h. Carrie B. R., ____, 1841, G.R.91. [P.R.187 adds, h. Carrie B. (Ricker).]

Minnie, d. John and Carrie B. (Ricker), July 16, 1877, P.R.187.

Roscoe D., h. Annie (Cole), s. John and Carrie B. (Ricker),Oct. 22, 1883, P.R.187.

Sidney H., s. John D. and Carrie B. R., _____, 1891, G.R.91.




G.R.91. -Forest Grove cemetery, near North Lebanon Village.

P.R.187. -private record in possession of Mrs. Carrie B. Bumford, North Lebanon.

d. -daughter; day; died.

s. -son.