The following information was transcribed from Vital Records

Of Lebanon, Maine to the Year 1892 Volume 1 - Births



Daniel W., h. Hannah E., _____,1843, [1833?], G.R.91.

Hannah E., [ ____], w. Daniel W., _____,1831, G.R.91.

John W., h. Mary, _____, 1826, G.R.64.

Lizzie, d. John W. and Mary, _______,1855, G.R.64.

Mary, [ ____], w. John W., _______,1830, G.R.64.

Mary E., d. John W. and Mary, ______,1853, G.R.64.

William H., s. Danjel W. and Hannah E., _______,1874, G.R.91.




G.R.91. -Forest Grove cemetery, near North Lebanon Village.

w. -week; wife.

G.R.64. -Prospect Hill cemetery in Lebanon, near Milton, N. H., line.

d. -daughter; day; died.

s. -son.