The following information was transcribed from Vital Records

Of Lebanon, Maine to the Year 1892 Volume 1 - Births





Alice, d. William E. and Elizabeth (Noble), Oct. 20, 1871, P.R.132.

Charles Harrison, h. Almira (Chamberlin), Sept. 30, 1824, P.R.73.

Charles Herbert, s. Horace Benton and Annie M. (Home), July 28,1879, P.R.73.

Emma Powers, d. Charles Harrison and Almira (Chamberlin), Feb. 1, 1850, P.R.73.

Harry Home, s. Horace Benton and Annie M. (Horne), Apr. 26, 1883, P.R.73.

Horace Benton, s. Charles Harrison and Almira (Chamberlin), Dec. 7, 1853, P.R.73.

Mamie F., adopted d. Charles Harrison and Mary Ann (Wentworth), 5 years of age in June, 1879, P.R.73.

Mary Frances, d. Charles Harrison and Almira (Chamberlin), Jan. 30, 1852, P.R.73.



d. -daughter; day; died.

P.R.132. -Bible records in possession of Frank L. Murray, Little River Falls.


P.R.73. -Bible record in possession of Miss Emma P. Dearborn, West Lebanon.

s. -son.