The following information was transcribed from Vital Records

Of Lebanon, Maine to the Year 1892 Volume 1 - Births




Adline, w. Clinton D. S. Ricker, Jan. 18, 1833, P.R.187.

Electa G., d. John Fairfield and Abbie (Ricker), May 25, 1874, P.R.187.

Elizabeth, [ ____], w. Emerson, Mar. 10, 1836, G.R.167.

Emerson, h. Elizabeth, Nov. 17, 1818, G.R.167.

Francis E., s. Francis, farmer, and Martha A., housewife, Mar. 23,1862, T.R.5:7.

Francis H., s. John Fairfield and Abbie (Ricker), Dec. 18, 1877, P.R.187.

Frederick R., s. Emerson and Elizabeth, Mar. 19, 1856, G.R.167.

Jennie R., d. John Fairfield and Abbie (Ricker), Jan. 18, 1879, P.R.187.

John Eben. s. John Fairfield and Abbie (Ricker), Sept. 13, 1862, P.R.187.

John Fairfield, h. Abbie (Ricker), Dec. 28, 1837, P.R.187.

Lizzie J., d. Frederick R. and Rana,.Dec. 14, 1883, G.R.167.

Mabel, d. John Fairfield and Abbie (Ricker), Dec. 6, 1882, P.R.187.

Mary, _____,1810, G.R.91.

Mary A., d. John Fairfield and Abbie (Ricker), Dec. 17, 1871, P.R.187.

Susan, w. Ebenezer Ricker, Oct. 23, 1803, P.R.187.

Susie L., d. John Fairfield and Abbie (Ricker), May 8, 1869, P.R.187.

Thomas, s. John and Elvira (Ricker), Sept. ___, 1845, in Berwick, P.R.149.

Watson S., s. Emerson, Mar. ____,1849, G.R.167.

William F., Sept. 20, 1842, G.R.91



w. -week; wife.

P.R.187. -private record in possession of Mrs. Carrie B. Bumford, North Lebanon.

d. -daughter; day; died.

G.R.167. -removals to the City Cemetery, Rochester, N. H.


s. -son.

T.R.5. -Town record of Births and Deaths, 1809 to 1865. (The Deaths are in the back part of the volume and the pages are not numbered. This record was made chronologically, 1848 to 1865.)

G.R.91. -Forest Grove cemetery, near North Lebanon Village.

G.R.149. -burial lot on the Thomas Libbey farm, east of Little River Falls.