The following information was transcribed from Vital Records

Of Lebanon, Maine to the Year 1892 Volume 1 - Births



Annie, w. James Francis Mathews, d. Richard and Jane, Jan. 5, 1834, in Selston, Nottinghamshire, England, P.R.83.

Annie Louise, d. John William and Jennie May (Whitehouse), Apr. 5, 1868, P.R.5.

John William, h. Jennie May (Whitehouse), Feb. 18, 1838, in Selston, Nottinghamshire, England, P.R.5. [P.R.83 adds, s. Richard and Jane.]

Katie Isabel, d. John William and Jennie May (Whitehouse), Dec. 24, 1871, P.R.5.

Nellie Jane, d. John William and Jennie May (Whitehouse), Mar. 31, 1870, P.R.5.

Roscoe Leighton, s. John William and Jennie May (Whitehouse), Aug. 31, 1866, P.R.5.



w. -week; wife.

d. -daughter; day; died.

P.R.83. -private record in possession of James F. Mathews, West Lebanon.

P.R.5. -private record in possession of John W. Day, Belwick.


s. -son.