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Hi all!

I am already the host of the York County web page, and adding town pages is an exciting prospect. As a County Coordinator, I field a lot of questions about how to find specific information about local research (library hours, phone numbers, etc.). Getting this information on-line will help everyone.

If you have this type of information about a town in York County, and would like to host a town page of your own, Please E-mail me.

I don't personally have any databases of York-specific ancestors, nor do I find as much time as I'd like to do research in York. In other words, I am probably not the best one to send your queries about individuals to. What I can offer is a place for you to find other people and places that can help in your search. Please review the query, surname registry, and Resource databases first, and then post a query of your own if you need more information.

- Tom Raynor

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