January 1, 1934 to December 31, 1934

Printed by The Averill Press, Sanford, Maine 1935


In Dover, N. H., January 12, by Leon Morse, Clergyman, Albanus M. White of Rochester, N. H., and Minnie Hart of Lebanon.

In Lebanon, January 23, by Richard E. Hersom, Trial Justice, Edwin L. Burnham of Milton Mills, N. H., and Stella Sklarz of Ipswich, Mass.

In Acton, January 27, by Frank H. Snell, Clergyman, -Talbot C. Randlett of Lebanon and Marguerite E. Gerry of Sanford.

In Lebanon, March 22, by Richard E. Hersom, Trial Justice, Hermon F. Young of New Durham, N. H., and Nellie Fogg of New Durham, N.


In Lebanon, April 21, by Bessie L. Anderson, Minister, Freeman L. Johnson and Margaret L. Carpenter, both of Lebanon.

In Gilmanton Iron Works, N. H., April 14, by Alberto A. Bennett, Clergyman, Kenneth D. Geddes of Gilmanton, N. H., and Abbie I.

Watson of Lebanon.

In Rochester, N. H., April 26, by Daniel H. Miller, Ordained Minister, Raymond Libby of Lebanon and Lydia MacKay of Rochester, N. H.

In Farmington, N. H., April 28, by Rev. Robert Bellefenill, M. Joseph Martin of Lebanon and Clemma Hartwell of Lebanon.

In Milton, N. H., June 7, by Fred Bannister, Clergyman, Charles C. Brock of Milton, N. H., and Grace Ella Betts of Lebanon.

In Sanford, June 18 by C. F. Butterfield, Clergyman, Luther Wiggin and Irene Tatro, both of Lebanon.

In Lebanon, June 30 by Stanley A. Bennett, Licensed Preacher, Arthur C. Nelson of Portsmouth, N. H., and Hazel Johnson of Lebanon.

In Sanford, August 3, by Eugene S. Philbrook, Minister of the Gospel, Wilfred Hartford of Lebanon and Leona Baker of Rochester, N. H.

In Lebanon, August 26, by George E. Kneeland, Minister, Woodrow Wilson Woods of Lebanon and Madelene Anne Copp of North Rochester, N. H.

In Lebanon, August 29, by George E. Kneeland, Minister, Clayton H. Jewett and Pauline Auger, both of Sanford.

In Lebanon, September 1, by George E. Kneeland, Clergyman, Theophilus Wylie of Manchester, N. H., and Agnes Doliber of Strafford,

N. H.

In Rochester, N. H., September 22, by Daniel H. Miller, Ordained Minister, Samuel Corbet of Lebanon and Martha Hersom of

Rochester, N. H.

In Acton, September 22, by C. W. Corey, Clergy- man, Clifford R. Keay of Lebanon and Ernestine Sleeper of Rochester, N. H.

In Lebanon, September 25, by Daniel H. Miller, Minister, Norman D. Meader of Rochester, N. H., and Dorothy Shapleigh of Lebanon.

In Lebanon, September 25, by George E. Kneeland, Clergyman, Harold O. Andrews of Westbrook and Irene Joubert of Lebanon.

In Lebanon, October 20, by Stanley A. Bennett, Licenced Preacher, Warren W. Bennett and Mary H. Chadsey, both of Providence, R. I.

In Lebanon, October 25, by Rev. Frank H. Snell, Howard W. Goodwin of Milton Mills, N. H., and Frances Curry of Sanbornville, N. H.

In Acton, October 25, by Rev. Frank H. Snell, Stuart Grant of Lebanon and Geneva Goodwin of Shapleigh.

In Berwick, November 15, by Joseph Griffith, Clergy- man, Mark A. McCrillis and Clara M. Whitehouse, both of Lebanon.

In East Rochester, N. H., December 31, by Rev. Raymond Stansted, Lionel R. Routhier of Somersworth, N. H. and Dorothy Blaisdell of



Born February 8 to Mr. and Mrs. William Miller, a daughter, Carol Elaine.

Born February 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Merrill, a daughter, Sylvia Jean.

Born March 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Darling, a son, Paul Oliver, Jr.

Born March 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Carpenter, a son, Paul.

Born April 20 to Mr. and Mrs. James Nesbit, a son, Richard Earl.

Born April 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Adelard Beriault, a daughter, Mary Alice Anita.

Born May 3 to Mr. and Mrs. Melville Walker, a daughter, Dorothy Gertrude.

Born May 12 to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Michaud, a son, J. Albert Wilbrod.

Born May 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Wallingford, a son, Richard Everett.

Born June 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lyman Carter, a son, Allen Morris.

Born July 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Johnson Cox, a son, Herbert Linwood. .

Born September 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Libby, a son, Robert Harry.

Born October 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Allison, a son, James Robert.

Born October 12. To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Wiggin, a daughter, Carline Lorel.

Born October 13 to Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Menard, a son. (No name listed).

Born November 12 to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Carian, a son, Rene.

Born November 16, to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Nourse Guy, a son, Eugene Russell.

Born November 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Ithiel Marsh, a son, Herbert Whitehouse.

Born November 28 to Mr. and Mrs. Earl O. Wheeler, a son, Donald Ernest.

Born December 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Keith Cram, a daughter, Jean Portia.

Born December 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rouleau, a daughter, Paulina.

Births not previously reported

Born September 8, 1921 to Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Theberge, a son, Henry Gerard.

Born December 28, 1931, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Merrill, a son, Rodney Nelson.

Born April 8, 1933, to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wallingford, a daughter, Mary Elizabeth.

Born May 2, 1933 to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Carignan, a son, Armand Joseph.



Marjorie Evelyn Goodwin born January 13, 1904 Deponent, Charles B. Goodwin and Mary A. Closson

Lucille Avis Wood born December 30, 1933 Deponent, Fred T. Wood

Ralph P. Corson born April 3, 1890 Deponent, Mrs. Julia T. Corson

Wilmer W. Hayes born September 9,1871 Deponent, Vera Bickford

Minnie E. Knox born August 12, 1870 Deponent, Nettie E. Lord

Myrtle H. Hanson born September 11, 1882 Deponent, Charles H. Bassett

Grace Maude Cowell born December 26, 1875 Deponent, Harriet R. Cowell

Walter George Rand born September 2, 1909 Deponent, Ernest B. Rand

Wingate Whitehouse born March 28, 1928 Deponent, Wingate Whitehouse

John Dennett Blaisdell born August 16, 1887 Deponent Nellie M. Blaisdell

Ina Mabel Blaisdell born September 24, 1876 Deponent Nellie M. Blaisdell

Charles Sumner Blaisdell born August 14, 1889 Deponent Nellie M. Blaisdell

Bertha Madeline Blaisdell born August 18, 1898 Deponent Nellie M. Blaisdell

Grace Caroline Blaisdell born December 23, 1879 Deponent Nellie M. Blaisdell

Ruth G. Wentworth born January 19, 1893 Deponent James E. Lord

Ralph V. Lessard born February 1, 1905 Deponent Ina Jones


Julia T. Perkins and Fred L. Corson married December 17, 1887 Julia T. Corson


Jan. 2, George C. Ricker 52yrs, 0mos, 0dys

Jan. 9, Theodore Meier 14yrs, 7mos, 17dys

Jan. 24, Robert Richards 71yrs, 3mos, 30dys

Jan. 31, Elizabeth Cathcart 86yrs, 3mos, 9dys

Feb. 16, Frank H. Junkins 74yrs, 5mos, 10dys

Mar.4, Delia L.Keay 84yrs, 0mos, 0dys

Mar. 21, Martha T. Walker 83yrs, 4mos, 1dys

Mar. 31, Willa G. Long 65yrs, 2mos, 25dys

Apr. 14, John S. P. Jones 79yrs, 0mos, 13dys

June 15, Abbie M.Pierce 45yrs, 2mos, 3dys

July 9, David Y. Robinson. 65yrs, 3mos, 7dys

July 22, Emily E. Wentworth 71yrs, 5mos, 21dys

Aug. 3, Victor H. Lord 55yrs, 10mos, 13dys

Aug. 5, Charles C. Rhodes 75yrs, 2mos, 24dys

Aug. 23, Richard E. Hersom 78yrs, 7mos, 3dys

Sept. 16, Mary J. Thomas 77yrs, 11mos, 3dys

Sept. 29, Florence M. Tibbetts 56yrs, 4mos, 16dys

Oct. 13, Infant Menard 0yrs, 0mos, 0dys

Nov. 26, Moses H. Tibbetts 54yrs, 7mos, 21dys

Dec. 22, Leslie C. Jones 76yrs, 5mos, 18dys


Any error called to the attention of the Town Clerk will be corrected in the records.

Respectfully submitted,


Town Clerk.