Annual Town Clerk's Report of Vital Statistics

for the year 1945

Ending February 3, 1946


*Because of recent legislation, Town Clerks are advised that Births and Marriages be omitted in town reports.



Jan. 11 Clarence Rigby Royles 56yrs 3mos 16dys

Jan. 13 Jeannette Greenwood Boisvert 45yrs 9mos 7dys

Jan. 17 Frank Earl Newton 52yrs

Jan. 27 Rodney James Heath 0yrs 0mos 0dys

Jan. 30 Girl Baby Tanner 0yrs 0mos 0dys

Feb. 9 Lenora E. Mooers 81ys 1mos 18dys

May 20 A. Ronald McKenney 67yrs 5mos 9dys

May 25 Nora Wigglesworth 82yrs 9mos 17dys

May 30 Crissie A. Mathews 84yrs 11mos 23dys

Apr. 21 Warren E. Clark 81yrs 8mos 2dys

June 23 Eugene Nourse Guy 44yrs 7mos 19dys

July 6 Abbie Sarah Varney 91yrs 11mos 22dys

Aug.21 Arthur N. Parsons 70yrs 9mos 15dys

Oct. 8 Rosalie Dickard 86yrs 6mos 27dys

Oct. 12 Male Child Vachon 0yrs 0mos 1/3dys

Oct. 16 Frank Nathan Goodwin 61yrs 11mos 1dys

Dec. 3 Henry Tebbetts 70yrs 2mos 26dys

Dec. 30 Berttie Alfred Garland 36yrs 7mos 14dys


Jan. 24 James Fred Goodrich 82yrs 7mos 22dys

Mar.15 Aaron Judson Cate 71yrs 6mos 12dys

Mar. 24 Lillian Harriman 52yrs 6mos 23dys

Mar.31 Lyman Hayes 9yrs 5mos 24dys

Apr. 12 Shirley Smith 0yrs 0mos 10dys

Apr. 17 Eleanor Persis Hunt Medcalf 68yrs 4mos 15dys

Apr.18 Frank J. Nutter 61yrs 0mos 0dys 

June 30 Carrie L. Hodges 70yrs 10mos 15dys

July 6 Josephine May Paey 67yrs 7mos 9dys

Aug. 7 Alla M. Durgin 81yrs 5mos 16dys

Aug.16 Elizabeth Mary Fogg 19yrs 3mos 26dys

Oct. 2 Jennettie A. Page 76yrs 9mos 27dys

Dec. 6 Alda May Emerson 64yrs 1mos 5dys

Dec. 8 Ernest Grant 60yrs 7mos 20dys


Laura Baker born March 11, 1910.

Edwin Levi Walker born October 19, 1904.

Josephine Louise Hersom born April 23, 1903.

Nina Madelene Akerley born February 26, 1904.

Albert C. Young born November 23, 1880.

Marion Clark Richards born May 26, 1895.

Martha Louis Gerrish born March 21, 1881.

Edna Lillian Gerrish born February 12, 1887.

Susan M. Mace born May 13, 1894.

Richard Charles Mooney born April 18, 1930.

Beverly Anne Heath born June 18, 1937.

Barbara Elaine Heath born September 15, 1940.

Ella Estelle Geyer born December 18, 1910.


Respectfully submitted,


Town Clerk